eBook: How to Run a Creative Workshop (theory + workbook)

eBook: How to Run a Creative Workshop (theory + workbook)

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Have you been looking to branch out into offering creative workshops, but aren't sure where to start? Or maybe you've been asked by someone to run them, but have no idea what to teach, provide or charge?

Allow me to help!

I started running workshops 6 months into my creative adventures, and since mid-2016 I've run over 50 workshops and taught over 500 people face-to-face, and over 15,000 online. I've taught in my city, 5 other Australian states, and overseas. I've run into every hurdle!

This eBook will help remove the fear around putting yourself and your skills out there, take the scariness out of planning - and help you execute a killer workshop!

The eBook has two (2) parts - the first being 27 pages of theory, and the second a 23-page workbook full of timelines and checklists. This will be delivered to your inbox as one combined PDF file.

The content in this eBook has a sliiight bias towards brush lettering, but the majority of the content can be applied to any type of creative workshop. It's a bonus if you wanna teach brush lettering, pointed pen or watercolour though - as my supplies and lesson plans are included!

Part 1: Theory covers:

  • How to know you're ready to teach
  • How to gauge the interest of potential students
  • Choosing the date, time, venue, catering, decor, platform to sell tickets on and the price you should charge
  • Coming up with a lesson plan
  • Getting butts on seats
  • Workshop FAQs as asked by my Insta followers

Part 2: Workbook covers:

  • Suggested timelines to follow when planning
  • Venue checklist
  • Sales page checklist
  • My brush lettering supply list
  • My brush lettering lesson plan
  • Tips on putting together your own worksheets
  • How to put together a pre-workshop questionnaire
  • Costs to expect and plan for
  • My pointed pen supply list and lesson plan
  • My watercolour supply list and lesson plan
  • Other workshop related questions with answers

Note: This eBook does NOT include the actual worksheets that I provide to my workshop students during a class.

Who is this eBook for?

  • Creatives who want to start running workshops but aren’t sure where to start
  • Creatives who need help with logistics and lesson plans
  • Creatives who have run workshops before but want to improve the experience for their students
  • Creatives who aren’t sure how to price their workshops to cover expenses
  • Creatives who want to see how a fellow artist has run their workshops over the last 3+ years (50+ workshops, 500+ students)

Who is this eBook not for?

  • People that are happy teaching for free or at their own expense
  • Alternatively – people who wanna rip off their students, give them crap value and hardly any supplies. Nope.
  • People who think you need a teaching degree to teach or a million years’ experience to be considered an ‘expert’ in that field. 
  • People who aren’t willing to take a chance / make the leap. I didn’t write this so you could read it and ignore my advice. DO IT! JUUUUMP! (safely).

All you need to know to teach someone something is just a tiny bit more than they know.

That is IT.


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