Seaside Palette Dot Card (6 colours)

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Beach on a sheet. Try our Seaside colours on a dot card!

Each card has 6 small dots of watercolour on a slice of Arches coldpress watercolour paper and has space for you to swatch them out.

Swatching is cool and all, but we want you to be able to paint something with them too! Use the dot card like a mini paper palette and pick up pigment to create artwork on a separate piece of paper.


Please find below information on each colour included on this dot card:

  • Seashell: pigment number PW6.1, opaque, ASTM Lightfastness I
  • Golden Sand: pigment number PY43, opaque, ASTM Lightfastness I
  • Pink Clay: pigment number PR233, opaque, ASTM Lightfastness I
  • Seaweed: pigment number PG7, transparent, ASTM Lightfastness I
  • High Tide: pigment number PB36, semi-opaque, ASTM Lightfastness I
  • Deep Ocean: pigment number PB27, transparent, ASTM Lightfastness I

ASTM Lightfastness scale is between I-V with I being excellent.


For more information on the paint making process, see the 'Our Colours' tab.


Our colours are available in three formats: Half-pan, Waterblocks and Waterdrops. Half-pans are individually wrapped and labeled, and come with a magnet attached to the bottom for storage in a tin, and have the colour name attached to the side for easy reordering. Waterblocks and Waterdrops are pan-free watercolours, designed to be used in existing plastic or porcelain palettes. These eco-friendly alternatives are smaller in volume, but allow versatility for those who prefer filling and customising palettes with tubes and allowing the paint to dry before use. Now we give the dry paint to you to pop into your existing palette! Wet the bottom with water or a bit of gum arabic to secure it to your palette.



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